Meet Your Gasket Guy of Southeast Wisconsin

About Carly & Jerry

We are Gasket Guy of Southeast Wisconsin.

We’re a Father & Daughter team that have a deep commitment to quality and service. Native Wisconsinites, with a history in the hospitality industry, we have a culture of “Yes” in our company. We never forget who the customer is. Knowing that we’re the best value for you and your business is something we value everyday!

What our Customers are Saying:

Gasket Guy of Southeast Wisconsin has made it a cost-effective and efficient way to maintain any and all cooler door gaskets . Thanks, Gasket Guy.

Pierre, Corporate service manager , Bartolotta restaurants


Geoffrey, Facility Maintenance Operations, United Airlines

Very good service, very professional, very pleased.


I have been in the food service industry for over 20 years and the service Gasket Guy provides is unlike any company i have ever used…Their attention to detail and the pride they show in their work is wonderful…their product is less expensive and lasts longer than other products in the marketplace.

Al, Managing Partner, Bravo Cucina Italiana

What a good idea you had. I never heard of anyone else doing this. I was impressed with your prices and the quick service. I used to have a refrigeration company replace my gaskets, but it would take three or four weeks for them to get around to it.

R.J., General Manager, Ponderosa Steakhouse

It’s Amazing…Just one phone call to Gasket Guy and in two days all my bad gaskets were not only replace, but my doors sealed as if they were brand new…and at a lower pricethan what i used to pay for inferior and slower work.

Mitch, Managing Partner, Texas Roadhouse